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Buyer’s market or a seller’s market – why?

  Our Real Estate Market in Belmont and on the SF Peninsula can usually be termed either a “buyer’s market” or a “seller’s market”. What does that mean and why does it have to be either one or the other? Over the past 30+ years since Len Moore has been selling Belmont real estate and also in surrounding peninsula areas our market typically has either been at one extreme or the other. When the market is strong like now and homes are selling quickly we call it a “seller’s market”, as it favors the seller. This results when there is more demand than the existing supply of homes to sell. High demand causes homes to sell quickly, often at over asking price and since 2012 with multiple [...]

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This week I viewed an online article telling about how today’s real estate market is not in favor of the seller. It seemed to be written with a national view which obviously did not include Counties west of San Francisco Bay. Well, wake up world as the economy and housing market in our area is literally booming! My office is strategically located in downtown Belmont next door to San Carlos. We have a peaceful community, terrific weather and location, great schools, a very trendy and bustling downtown and it is just a fantastic place to live. Not to mention dozens of excellent restaurants! Yes, Belmont is small and unknown to many but, it is becoming a culinary destination. Business people from Redwood Shores and the local area [...]

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