About VIP

VIP was started by 3 partners in 1976 and in 1981 Darrell Ellis took over the firm. Traditionally a full service Real Estate firm, we proudly serve the needs of our clientele by helping them buy, sell, lease and manage Real Estate. In 1994 Len & Deborah Moore the next generation, purchased the firm and in 1999 when they incorporated the company, continuing to expand the business and reach out to the local community. Deborah and Len have successfully grown the firm through several economic downturns with their combined experience in full time Real Estate brokerage of 60+ years. Brandon obtained his Realtor designation, representing the third generation of Realtors in our family. All officers of our corporation are California natives and long-time Peninsula residents.

Len Moore

Len Moore, President of VIP




Len Moore, President of VIP has 30+ years of full time Real Estate brokerage experience, and is a veteran Real Estate investor as well. He understands your needs and wants to help you make it through the tough decisions while buying or selling your home. Len Moore is also in charge of business development and marketing of the firm’s listings for sale and for lease. He has capably helped clients buy, sell, exchange, lease and manage Real Estate all over the Peninsula. Sales range from the smallest condo to multi-unit apartment buildings as well as commercial properties. Len has also capably helped clients facilitate tax deferred exchanges of income properties, a well known tax saving strategy.


Brandon Moore is Len and Deborah’s youngest son. He joined VIP in 2005, and was in charge of maintenance and accounts receivable. He performed annual inspections and balanced trust accounts for the business. In 2012 he obtained his Real Estate license along with his Green Certification. Since then he has been working for VIP as a sales agent and landlord representative. Brandon and Len Moore have now formed a sales team, working together on all sales and leasing through VIP. They now work together to facilitate all of your Real Estate needs.


Debbie Moore

Debbie Moore, Chief Financial Officer of VIP



Deborah Moore is the CFO and Broker, masterfully overseeing our finances and office procedures. She holds the company together with a strong background in customer service, book-keeping and finance.






Melissa Holden

Marisol Mayorga joined VIP in December 2016 and Melissa Holden has rejoined our company in 2017.  Administrative Assistants working closely together, they handle accounts receivable and payable, maintenance requests and customer service.


Marisol Mayorga